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When I was 55, I decided to embrace the things I love and hold precious and dear - regardless of anyone else's thoughts and opinion. I am a folk artist who loves flowers - my own flowers, grown by me. I love good, hearty, exotic foods, and I love to prepare them myself. I love the secret garden situated in my backyard, regardless of how junky it gets. No longer able to afford a vacation, this will have to be it for the time being. In the winter months, I still enjoy it. Anyway, here I am sharing my art, favorite recipes, cocktails, gardening tips, and just my usual vents and bantering. After all, I'm old enough to say whatever the heck I want to now ... Oh, the two pictures below are NOT of my garden, although the one with the pink French doors looks very much like the backyard I grew up with. I am searching for pictures of that wonderful place and will post soon.


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Stacey Torres ART Prints
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June 17, 2009

Dinner Tonight

For dinner tonight, I'm doing a simple macaroni salad. Cook your pasta in salted water, and drain/rinse. Dice celery, onions, stoplight peppers, and blend with pasta. Toss in a pound of large cooked shrimps (remove their clothes, please ...) Then, to the mayonnaise - mayonnaise, I said, NOT Miracle Whip - add Pesto or Thai Green or Red Chili Paste ... Blend, chill and enjoy.

The Parrot Flower

My cousin, Stormy sent me an amazing email today. It contained the above pictures, and the very simple message:

Who, But God, Could Create This?

This is a flower from Thailand . It is also a protected species and not allowed to be exported. This will be the only way we will be able to view this flower.

The Backyard --Today's Vacation Spot

The Backyard --Today's Vacation Spot
A simple garden meal in the shade. No, it's not my backyard, but it looks identical to the one I grew up with at our home in Queens. Looking for an original pic of it to post soon!

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