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When I was 55, I decided to embrace the things I love and hold precious and dear, regardless of anyone else's thoughts and opinion. I am a visual folk artist who loves flowers - my own flowers, grown and/or painted by me. I love good, hearty, exotic foods, and I love to prepare them myself. I love the secret garden situated in my backyard, regardless of how overgrown and wild it gets. No longer able to afford a vacation, this will have to be it for the time being. In the winter months, I still enjoy it. Anyway, here I am sharing my art, favorite recipes, cocktails, gardening tips, and just my usual vents and bantering. After all, I'm old enough to say whatever the heck I want to now ...


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September 18, 2009

September Song

So, there's weirdness - as usual - going on in the garden this morning. We've had a cool, dry summer, and everyone is confused as to whether they should keep on keeping on, or pull their blankees up to their chin and snooze until Spring.

In the front yard, my Magic Fountains Delphinium, which always comes way too early and scares me - blooming from March until April - even through ice and frost (it's supposed to bloom in June/July) - has decided to make a repeat foolish appearance, sending up shoots this week, threatening to bloom any day. I warned it this morning that pulling this particular prank in the spring is one thing, but to try it now ... I don't know ... Autumn in Indiana can come swift and biting. She just shrugged, and shot another shoot up in my face. However, this is the first year I actually pruned it after it bloomed ... 'twas an after thought ...

Zinnias are only now climbing up through the wretched butter 'n eggs, and the whole yard just looks like hell! My perennial sunflowers are being their usual bully-like self ... and now Rudy is afraid to walk through the tiny paths because stray cats may jump out at him and send a flea his way.

Today, however, my Mountain Bluett was thick and lush and just showed up as if to say, "well, of course!"

And finally, my green peppers (seedlings planted in May) are only now blooming and sprouting - silly things. They're about 2" long. I'll pray for them. As always, I'm ready to give up on it all.

Maybe I can get some school kids next year to help me with the weeds and haul quik-crete back there to put on my paths ... who knows ... time for some tea and a nap.

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The Backyard --Today's Vacation Spot

The Backyard --Today's Vacation Spot
A simple garden meal in the shade. No, it's not my backyard, but it looks identical to the one I grew up with at our home in Queens. Looking for an original pic of it to post soon!

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